Ekkadunnaaru Meeru? 

How many of your old college-mates are you in touch with? Do you know their whereabouts? How about the 'Honorary Nizamians', those who used to frequently ride into the college and hang around? Many of these friends of Nizamians were as well-known as enrolled students. Would you like to get in touch with some of them? You can do a couple of things: register with Infophil's Nizam College Alumni Registry and/or Batchmates.com's registry, and/or contribute to this site's listing about your whereabouts and those of others you may know. Thispage is organized by year of graduation to help in quick identification of batch-mates, so that piece of information would be needed. This is not going to be in a registry format, but more like updates from folks about themselves and their friends.


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From Andrew Narasimha Chary(April 13, 98):

"I graduated from Nizam's College in 1961. Those were the days of Pre- University Course (PUC). I remember two of my class mates Kanda Mohan and Devender Naredi. I remeber running into Devender back in 1970 in Bombay, before I left India months later.

I now live thirty miles north of New York City with my wife Nancy and two kids, Michael 13, Stephanie 11.

Would like to hear from the guys!!"

Thanks, Andrew, for representing your era!


Of Nizamians I know of personally,

Srivats Iyengar is Senior Manager, Training, with SBH; L. Ravichander has a law practice in Hyd; V Satyaprasad is with RBI in Lucknow.

S.N. Vasuki, friend of many Nizamians of the late 70's, is in Washington D.C. with IMF (as of Dec 98).


Farook Ahmed is trying to track down folks:

"I left Hyderabad in 1968 for Canada after my first year at Nizam college. I have not been able to contact any of my classmates and friends. At the time some of my classmates were Hamid Raza, Raheem Siddiqui, Ravi Murti, Sridhar Reddy. I also knew a senior final year student by the name of Rafiq Burney. I did my schooling from St. Paul's High School in Hyderguda. I would love to contact any one from that era."

Webmaster's note (Dec 98): The e-mail address Farook had provided is now defunct.

From Mumtaz Ali Khan (added March 2000):

I got my admission in Nizams in the year 1974 in BA with Economics,Geography & Sociology as my electives. That was the time when Dr. Puranik was the principal and we had Dr. Dharmender Prasad as Head of Geography, Mrs. Vijaylaxmi Reddy and later Mrs. Vijaya as Sociology lecturers, Mrs. Suguna in Economics. Apart from these Mr. Sardar Ali Khan, Haq Sahab, Mrs Walters were for English. With regards to my second language I had opted for Russian. Unfortunately those were the
emergency days and Dr. Jaganmohan Reddy our VC then had come up with a system, where in if the student's attendance is found to be less than 75% he was not allowed to appear in the exams, I was a victim of the said system. Hence I have 2 sets of friends from my 2 batches.
Apart from these studies I was also doing my Diploma in Electronics & Communications in the evening at SVI of E&C affiliated to JNTU, which was completed in 3 years time. However, I have passed both my exams in FIRST Class. Then I started workind in the field of electronics in India with INTEL the now famous CPU manufacturers. In the year 1983 I came to Saudi
Arabia, where I still reside and work for Wartsila NSD Co. S.A. Ltd in the capacity of Systems Engineer. I am living here with my family, I have 2 children, a son who is 11 and a daughter who is 6. Both are studying in IIS Jeddah.
With regards to my friends of college days, they are Obeid ur Rahman, Zafar Javeed, Mehmood Alam Khan, Ahmed Bhai, Satti Bhai, Mirza Faiyaz Baig, Rahul Luther, Sampath Kumar, Sudhakar, Sandhya Luther & Rasna Bhushan, the last 4 being from my group i.e. EGS. We use to sit under the tree which is near that wide "Chabutra" with wooden grill, overlooking the
Cricket Ground. I do keep meeting Obeid Ur Rahman and once in a while Ahmed Bhai & Faiyaz, but rest of them I have no idea where they are, may be one day I will be able to get through to them via your web site..... thats my brief story.... "


From Major Sravan Kumar (April 11, 98):

"Spent three glorious years from 1976 to 1979, doing E1 E2 Public Ad (among other things!). been in the army since 1980. News of the others of the batch: Maksood is running Tumbi Office Systems at Begumpet. Majaz Panjatan is with Indian Express, Hyd. Rafi migrated to Australia in the 80s. Mukul runs Green Chillies (a restaurant, not a sabji ka dukaan) at Khairatabad. Vijay (Gaddam) is teaching in, where else, Nizam College. read in the papers that Pratap Madhav Reddy (tata info systems?) had a date with THE Spice Girls (no, not the priya pickles salesgirls) recently. ' LEE' Haridas too is in the army. Now for some of the 1977-80 batch: B K Sudhakar Reddy is bureau chief of economic times, hyd. Bala Prasad, IAS is in bizarre bihar. "


T. Vijay Kumar has signed the guestbook from Nizam College, where, as faculty, he is shaping the aadmis (and maybe some namoonas) of the future.


Collin Noronha is with Deloitte and Touche in Canada; TLN Pradeep must be in his (n+1)th job in advertising (where n is the years since he graduated).

Mazher Hussain, of the Philosophy Forum, runs a clutch of educational institutions in Hyd.

Mohammad Tahseen writes (December '98):
"I would like to share my wonderful time at Nizam College. I did  B.Sc. with
MPC, graduated in 1980. It was a wonderful time I spent and I can't forget
it.  Right now I am in U.S.A..  Did my M.S. in computers and am working as a database
administrator/programmer. If anybody from my class wants to contact me please
do so and share the secrets and the fun we have at the time. Or if anybody from
Nizam College wants to share the fun and wonderful time they had, send me an
email at tahseen@nsu.acast.nova.edu

Saleem Syed Ali is  News Editor of The Herld Journal in Logan, Utah, and recalls:

"Don't know too much about what is happening with the old gang. They are lousy at writing, and I won't do so unless I am sure of a reply. So ...

Sara lives in Michigan, in a suburb in Detroit, with her husband and two kids. She works part-time for a bank and freelances for some publications there. I have not seen Pankaj for around 15 years or more.  After that, we all lost touch with him, specially me as I went off to Dubai to work for the Khaleej Times in October 1986. Mohit Nagrath had joined the Tata Institute of  Social Sciences in Bombay and graduated in human resources from there. Last heard of, he was working for some big company and doing well. Abdul Razak went to Saudi Arabia, made some money, blew it, got married and moved to Aurangabad, all by 1987. Am out of touch with him. Ali Asghar, whom I have known since KG and who owned a store in the old city, had started a store in Gunfoundry, across from St. George's Prep school (in the Rosary Convent lane). Last met him in 1995 when I visited Hyderabad. Vijay Kumar, who also came there from St. George's - he joined the school in the 10th - was getting along, working with his dad and starting some venture on his own.

Mehdi Arsalan, the son of Prof. Alam Khundmiri, was teaching at Hyderabad  Univ. and later moved to Delhi. I met him in December 1992, I think. Sarita Reddy, who was studying psychology, etc. came to the U.S. to do her doctorate in 1985 and I stayed in touch for three or four years after that. Was last in touch in 1991 when I called her to tell her about the birth of my first kid, Zaid.  There was another young woman named Madhu Bhushan, but she was there for only one year, so I don't know if you remember her. Anyway, she is in Bangalore working for some women's uplift organization. Nandita Telang got married soon as she graduated and dropped from everyone's sight. Ahmed Alam, the second youngest son of Shah Alam of Golconda cigarettes, was involved in his father's business and had married the sister of Irfan Sandozi, who was with my younger brother in school and is currently in Minneapolis, if I remember right. Obaidullah, who used to hang out under the tree (which, I hear, has been cut down!) ended up marrying a second cousin of my wife. Met him last time we visited, and he is now the father of a couple of kids. Ainuddin Arif, who used to play cricket and who I have known since I was around 10 or 11, went on to work for the SBI, quit, went into various businesses and even started an airline which went bankrupt.

If you have any information about any of the people from that time, I would love to get it." (June 1999)


From Irfan Ahmed (B.A. '82)

Avanindra Gangapuram (BA, EGS) is in Pittsburgh, California, working as Urban Planner. He is married and has two children. (September '98)

Rammohan Annamanchi (BA), was in New York/New Jersey, working for AT&T a couple of years ago. Vinod Kumar (BA; 'Vitalstatistix') was also in New Jersey sometime ago. Not sure of their present whereabouts; Somasekhar is Science Editor of BusinessLine, and is based in Delhi.

Divakar Kaza ( BA  M.E.S)writes  (added January 2000):

I work with General Electric ( GE ) as their Human Resources Director -
India and can be contacted at :
and am based at Bangalore. I'm married and with two kids. My brother Ravi, who was two years junior is with Millenium
Alcobev - ( a UB Group company ) as their Vice President - Sales and Marketing. For those of you with an abiding interest in history, I had two elder brother also who passed out of Nizams. Prabhakar Kaza ( M Sc Physics - 1971 - 73 ) is with the State Bank of India at Mumbai and the other guy, Sudhakar Kaza ( B Sc BZC 1975 - 78 ) is with the Reserve Bank of India at Hyderabad.

Some update on some of the guys I am in touch with:

Moheet Nagrath ( one batch my senior at Nizams ) and later my class mate at TISS - Mumbai is with P & G and is a big shot in Japan. Shahab Alam (Shabbai ) is in New York and I am meeting him on 14th and spending the weekend with him. Post that visit, we will send a joint missive from NY.

Class Mates :

Ganesh Sanker ( remember the Poet, lean, hungry and with specs ) is a big shot. He was our resident poet and dreamer. Has got practical in life. Went to TISS later on and is currently the CEO of PRaj Agrovision and in Pune. His wife is a terrific cook and a good hostess also.

Ram Mohan and Vinod ( of the incredible brains fame ), I believe are in the US with AT & T or one of their off-shoots. Ashok Ganatra - Where are you brother ????? Usha Ramachandra ( from Ghana ), last I met her in 1989 in the University of Hyderabad. Good bless you and wish you the best. Jameel - Last met him in 1990 when he came to get married. Interesting aside is that I asked him ' Ladki Kya kar Rahi hai' and he replied ' 10th Ka exam Likhi thi'. I said ' Gosh, Child Marriage ' and he countered ' Nai Baap, kaafi baar ludki, underage nahin hain'. Where ever you are. all the best and IDD MUBARAK.

Vani : Married and in Hyderabad. Nanditha Telang : Is in Wipro and does Tech Training or Tech documentation. Kanwaljit Singh : Plays cricket for Hyderabad still and is also a match winner. At 40, it is remarkable. I can't walk the length of a cricket pitch now !

Other contemporaries :

Remember MVHV Prabhakar ( Singer / Cultural Sec ) got married to a niece of mine and is somewhere in the US.

Would be interested in knowing where these guys are :

Divya Gir : Spirited girl who was in our Russian Class. Michael : The Arts secretary. Where are you ? Must be in Australia.

Sanjeev Pahwa : The stud, body builder, the original Punjab da puttar.. Avanindra Reddy.. always wanted to go to Ish-States. Have you reached there ? Pranay Waghray  ( B Com 78-81 )?

Mehdi Arslan ( Poet, Muse, Philosopher )...kaha hai bhai ??

Saritha Reddy...was in the Russian class...saw her once some 10 years from a distance of 200 feet at the Secunderabad Club, I think. I can't see 200 feet but I can hear, that's how I remember.

One of these days, I will scan some photographs and send them  across to you. Went to Nizams last year on a nostalgia trip with Moheet. The Salarjung Hall is gone (wonder what happened to all the shields that we had won! ), some centenary hall has come there now ( looks like a PWD building ) and all the open grounds etc., have boundaries etc., etc., What a pass.

Keep in touch."

Vijaya Kumar Pidugu (B.Sc.)  reports:

"I did my M.Sc. and M.Phil. with major in chemistry and then got my Ph.D. from IIT, Bombay in the field computer simulations and molecular modeling. I was a postdoc for four years at Pennsylvania State University in both chemistry and chemical engineering departments. Presently, I am working as a research scientist for Armstrong World Industries in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Mostafa Ali Ahmed is somewhere in US (second hand information) Tamkeen Hussain and Abdul Hai got MBBS after B.Sc. from Bangalore were in Hyderabad when I left the country. Mathur was a sales rep. in Glaxo, Hyderabad; Rajender works for Railways; Ashok Gilda is a builder in Hyderabad; Suryakanth is a builder in Hyderabad; Ashok Agarwal is in some business in Hyderabad.

Mohan Ranbaore is a Key accounts manager in Modi Xerox, Secunderabad; Vinayak Athavale is a lecturer in Modern College, Pune; Sharmila Bhole did her M.Sc. in biochemistry from Osmania university and moved to US; Asha Lakshmanan got her M.Sc. in biochemistry and moved to the US."

Latest update from Vijay (July '98):
"Anand Moghe (Cult. secy. during 1980-81) married a doctor.  He is now settled in
Thane (Bombay), essentially managing the clinic/hospital which his wife started.
Bhuvaneshwar (who had just spent one year 1978-79) got his MBBS and MS and is
now a Civil Surgeon (orthopedics) in some government hospital."


From Viswanath Palepu:

"I finished B.Com. in the year 1981 and am presently in the US. I am a Chartered Accountant and worked for 7 years with A.F. Ferguson & Co., in India. I came to US in April 97 and am now working for Baan".



Vijaya Kumar reports that Vijay Anand died in1996.


From Irfan Ahmed (B.A. '82) :

Most of the guys have put on a lot of weight and/or lost a lot of hair.

From my batch,  Abdul Khader Aziz is is California,  Kaushal Pant (BSc, MPC) is Marketing Manager with Sri Shakti LPG in Hyd, Shashank Aurora (B.Sc., BZC) is in Cairo as Financial Controller for Pioneer Seeds;  Makarand Dusey ('Mac', BZC) is in Hyderabad, undertaking a career change, and expects to be in the U.S. at the end of '98.
G. Krishnamurthy ('GK', BSc,BZC) is in Bangalore, M.D. of  biotech firm Novo Nordisk; after much coaxing, he has contributed the following:

"Salil Ganeriwal from our batch is in Bangalore, runs his own garment retailing and export business. K. Raghu is with Unilever, somewhere between Dubai and the rest of the gulf. His email address is KR.Raghu@unilever.com. Seema, his wife and also our batchmate, is with Spinneys Dubai as Mktg Services Mgr."
Raghu and Seema's personal e-mail address is aqua4@emirates.net.ae

Ranganath (B. A., MES) is a C.A., practising in Secunderabad; Ravi Kumar (B.A, MES) is in the Karnataka cadre of the IAS; Rajneesh is reportedly in the Gulf.

Radhika Gajjala (nee Vedula, B.A.) is a professor at Bowling Green State; Priscilla Butt (now Jaggia) is reportedly also an academic, somewhere in the Boston area. Arati Dixit Qureshi has signed the guest-book from Melbourne, Australia.

Shahid Siddiqui (B.Sc., BZC) is a cardiologist in Seattle; Vijay Krishna (B. Sc., BZC) is a professor in New Albany, Indiana; C. Praveen Kumar is a practising lawyer in Hyd.

From Taimur Khan  (B.Sc., BZC) [June '98]:
"I am working in Dubai since 1992 December as Admin Manager in the ETA ASCON Group of companies. My batchmates Hirender(Hiren)  and Praveen Reddy are advovates or lawyers or something and helping the goondas in Hyderabad go scotfree. Last I heard was Dwaraknaath, another  classmate of ours was busy trying to get his medicine degree  so that his dowry in the marriage market would reach substantial levels!! All comments are made in jest and mean no offence."

John Hemanth Kumar (BA) works with Syndicate Bank in Hyd.

Sudhir is back in the news with a position in the AP Congress Committee.

Of the 'Honorary Nizamians', Gautam is a Sales Manager in Madras, Raj Kumar is a branch manager for Peerless Finance, in Hyd.


From our batch, we have lost Ashwin Kishore (B.A), Anil Kumar (B.Sc. BZC), and Jaya Kamalakar Deb (B. A.)


N. Nagaraj (B.Com.) runs a recruitment agency in Hyd,  'U' Srinivas is in Mumbai. Subramaniam is in some sort of computer-related business; Raj Kumar (B. Com) runs his family business of restaurants, and has also diversified into computer training.

Honorary Nizamian Hari Simha is currently in Germany, and will be there until September 1999. He has a web-page at


Arvind Acharya (who was briefly in B.A., MES), has  some news:

"To those of us (like me) who were briefly Nizamians, and continued to be honorary Nizamians for the rest of our student days, it was and continues to be a place that somehow inspired us. Despite time spent under jhaads, on chabutras etc., we all must have learnt something. Witness the list of folks who are seemingly doing well in strange and distant lands!

Some notes for you: Madhusudhan, General Secretary (or VP) has his own immigration law firm, International Legal Consultants, in New York, on Park Avenue.  Pramod Reddy ("Jaws") works with him, after he spent a certain amount of time at Harvard doing God-knows-what. Srivatsan Rajan works for Bain & Co, his wife works for Corporate Decisions. When I last heard, about a year ago, Ravi Kaza was a General Manager in Shaw Wallace and was raided by the Income Tax folks. Divakar Kaza was GM, Human Resources, at Square D, a tech company at Bangalore. The older Kaza brothers work for State Bank of India and RBI. Anil Kaza writes Oracle programs for some company in Geneva.Vijay Burgula, studies/teaches at CUNY. Biju Mathews is a trade union kind of a guy, was organizing taxi drivers in New York for a demo against the Mayor. Himadeep is around but don't know the details."

Ravishankar Kaza, another one of the Kaza Klan, contributes for the record (added June 3, '98)

I am presently with Shaw Wallace (Breweries) heading their national operations as an Asst. Vice President ( marketing & sales). Been with em for the last six years. Married in 1992 & have two kids on the farm. Tanya is four and a half while sonny Tanuj is nine months old. Wife Kamala is a dietician. Been in bombay since 1992. Divakar is in Bangalore and is the Executive Director with Information Solutions a U.S. based firm. Sudhakar is a general manager with RBI, presently back in Hyderabad. Prabhakar is a GM in SBI and is also in Bombay. Anil the only non-Nizamian Kaza has migrated to Geneve on a UN assignment. Contrary to shark Arvind's info, I have never been raided by any governmental agency . Neither was Divakar ever in Square D or any such geometric proposition . Manimal Mahesh was sighted in Jakarta three months ago and must have scooted by now . I am traceable at the following: e -mail : swliquor@bom3.vsnl.net.in fax 91222617540 direct 91222617242 mobile 98210 30463 residence 91226441249

Pramod 'Jaws' Reddy has surfaced finally, and has the following to say about himself and friends (December 1998):

"After Harvard, I worked in Boston for 7 years and the fields I specialized in included: International Trade, Corporate Law and Immigration. Around 1996, Madhu Yaskhi and I decided to start off on our and we started International Legal Consultants. We handle  transactional legal issues, including corporate matters, negotiations, litigation, Intellectual Property issues and Immigration.  Our office address is: ILC, 19 West 34th Street, Suite 303, New York, NY 10001. Tel: (212)629-9400. My e-mail is: preddy@nyct.net.

Vijay Burgula (1981-1984) is in New York too. He is doing his Ph.D in
Political Science at CUNY and has also started his own business here. He
runs an International Credentials Evaluation Service, along with Biju
Mathew. It seems to be doing fairly well. I spoke with U. Srinivas
(1980-1983). He is a Chartered Accountant with Price Waterhouse and is now in
Bombay. Renuka (1980-1983) was in New York for three months. She and her
husband live in New Delhi. Renu runs a fairly well known boutique there and
apparently does a lot of business exporting garments and the like to Europe
and Australia."

Syed Mehdi Ashraf, an honorary Nizamian of this batch, is now in Miami, Florida, partner in an engineering firm.


Biju Matthew (B.A.) is in New Jersey, on the faculty of Rider University, and is active in championing various South Asian causes. Himadeep (B.A) is (was?) at the University of Minnesota, Vijay Burgula (B.A.) is in New York, at CUNY.


Mahesh 'Animal' Krishnamurthy has finished his MBA in Sydney, Australia, and is currently in Chennai.. Mahesh contributes the following in his inimitable style (March '99):

"Madras is getting to me, man. Hyderabad and Bangalore have a lot of party animals, but hey,  this town is hardball. Got in touch with a few Nizamians in Hyderabad. Here's the rundown on them,  lest you might say I don't contribute. Satish Chandra (BA pol science 1985) is doing a PhD in Central and is also  teaching in Women's College after a stint at teaching in Nizam's. His wife, Maya Banerjee,  of   '82 batch teaches at Stanley Girls College. Sunil Boini of BA (MES) is a successful businessman  in IT hardware in Hyderabad. Kannan (the original kaat) of BA Maths 1985 is in Madras working  for Polaris software. Udai Kumar Reddi, also of the same class of 1985 is a software cat and a bit of a globetrotter, works for CBSI, a software outfit based in the US. Ham junior of 1985,  also a classmate of Udai and Kannan works in the US, as does Pratap Reddy of BA maths 1985. My sister Veena, who did BCom (1986 batch) is a director of her husband's IT firm and is settled in Madras. Kid sister Sandhya Krishnamurthy of BA Maths 1991 is with Pricewaterhouse  Coopers as a consultant in New Jersey. Anuradha Chenji (now Srinivas or something) is said to be in Madras after an MBA from IIM bangalore. Kirti Kalyanam of BCom 1984 (my  batch) is an associate professor of marketing in the University of Santa Clara's Leavey School of Business."


Srivatsan 'Watson' Rajan' adds his whereabouts: "I went to IIMC after Nizam and joined NIIT after that. I worked for them for two years and then joined Digital in India. I worked there for four years and they then sent me to Digital in Boston where I worked for two years. I then went to Wharton to get another MBA and graduated last year. I joined Bain & Co., a management consulting firm based out of Boston. I got married three years ago - no kids yet."


Kumar Savitru Balabhadra (B.Sc., would have graduated in 1984) reports:

"I left Nizam's in 1983 after finishing (barely) two of the three years required for BSc (MPC). I went to do my BE in Chandigarh (Panjab University) and came back to Hyd in 1987, joined NITIE while waiting for my I-20 from Michigan State. I came to the US in 1989 for my Masters in Mechanics. Joined an automotive consulting firm in Detroit (EGS) and later joined Ford Motor Co. as a design engineer. I am currently doing my MBA (part time) at the University of Chicago."


Kuo Pahai (B.Sc.) informs us:

"Since Nizam, which I left about 13 years ago (tempus fugit), the force of life has taken me far and wide. I have spent a few years in Paris, and am now settled in Canada (Mississauga). Deepa is my wife and we have a 20 month son, Vishal Fu-Sheng. It was nice to hear about 'Watson', 'Jaws' and Biju. Biju and I keep in touch, but I do hope this mail re-generates a few more relationships."


From Anuradha Chenji Venkatesh:
"this is anuradha venkatesh (and not srinivasan, as mahesh claims) nee chenji, 1985 batch p.p.ml. I went on to do my p.g. from iim, bangalore, finishing in 1987 and have been in madras since. i run a placement consultancy - tapas personnel consultants. am happily married with two kids - archana and kanchana. am in touch with shreesha and viraja (at hyderabad) and priya who's in africa. bumped into k.t.sandip at the airport here once. he's grown taller and fatter(would you believe it?!). "fatter" should be sung with the refrain "and so say all of us"!
my email id is:   anuchenji@hotmail.com do write in - would love to get in touch with fellow nizamians. life is good and hope it's so with all of you!
(added May '99).

GK ('82) reports that KT Sandip (Sandy, B.A.) is with ad agency BBDO in Singapore.


Syed Jaffar Hussain:

"I studied in Nizam College during Patabhi Raman's time ie from 1982 to 85. I did B.Sc in BZC group and in the US, I did Computer Science at N.E.Illinois University. Right now I am working as Microsoft & Novell Network Consultant".


From Prakash Kanchinadam :

"I was around from 83 through 86 [B.sc (MPC)]. Moved to New Zealand soon after and worked for an Australian bank till 1990 and wandered my way to the US. Got my masters from Univ. of S. Carolina. Currently living in the Boston area (hope I run into 'Watson' one of these days) and working for GTE Laboratories. Been in touch with a few Nizamians in the past few years. Rekha (87), Raj Shekar (84-?), Minoti, Suresh (83-86, was in e-mail contact for a while) are the few names I can think of. (June 3, '98)



From Anu Magal, ("did my BA in Psychology at Nizam's. I was part of the group that used to hang out under the tree and on the steps a lot.") :
I came to the US in 1990 and went to school here. I am now working in King of Prussia,
Pennsylvania, for a consulting firm - Aston Brooke Corp., as a programmer. I have been with them for about 8 months now. My email is  anu@magal.com. Most of the people from my year are still back in India. Exceptions are Sanjay Reddy in New Jersey and Viraf Jacob in Pennsylvania. I do not know of any others here. But I hope to meet more if there are any here".
(updated Dec 98) .

From Pavan Mamidi:
"I am a professor at the Indian institute of Management in Bangalore. I left Nizam college in 1988, and subsequently had an  academic and a professional career including: working at the Supreme Court in Delhi, studying law and economics (Harvard and LSE), being jobless in New York City (!!), writing legal articles etc. I teach IPR and corporate stuff at IIM Bangalore, and am soon to start teaching at INSEAD in Paris.
(March 2000)


A.V. Surendran contibutes the following:(added September '99)

Sorry guys, for late representation of my years at Nizams (86 - 89):

Our batch had great time out there - Expressions and Centenary  celebrations.

I did my BA(Geo).  I was in the army for a brief while.  Then in VST, then Cabletron and now a con-sultan(ant) in NJ,  US.

Thakur Jaideep Singh, who conducted Anthakshri in Expressions is currently working for JT Mobile(even if the name is wrong, he is working for a cellular phone company).  Married and blessed with a kid. Bannu (Joseph Jitendra) is working for a private firm dealing with arranging imports of spare parts for a heavy machinery company. Married last year. K Uma Maheshwar Rao(Uma) is working for Eenadu.  Represents Eenadu cricket team and was married a couple of months back. Ali Reza Teharani, last heard was working for Saudi customs dept ?!

Faheem has his own law practice. Vinay Singh married and in the Gulf ( Compu line !!)  Ajay Yadav (Jt Sec 86 & Gen Sec 87) is happily married and managing his printing press near Koti - in case you fall short of money. Sujender : Somewhere in Vizag.  How's your brother Rajender? Reported missing : Anand Singh, Shailender Kumar

Others :
MV Kumar quit HLL and moved to Hyd in '95. and joined some other firm. Got a kid. CV Anand with the police after IPS, married to Lalita. Uday Desai with CRPF, his voice was last heard in the J&K region. Suresh Kutty - stupid guy did not opt for parent corps (arty) and landed in Rajputana.  Did his YOs in Delhi and was having fun with Uday in J&K. Venugopal (BSc) was my senior at Indian Military Academy - Bhagat Battalion (Company ?? was wearing orange shirt I guess Casino). Ashok - married, took-over the courier firm where he was an employee. Chitra - met her on train on my way back from Pune '89 June.  She was starting on her CA at that time. Aparna - heard she doing her Masters in US and was getting married to a classmate - no clue about the colour of her boyfriend's skin nor the sound he makes(mother tongue).
Ravi Prakash - Working with IMRB.  Married and has a son.  He gave me a chance to become a candidate for some survey and gifted me (Phookat ka maal - why should I let go?). Thanks Ravi. Kavita Duggal (BCom) was last sighted as Air-Hostess on AI.  Pahechan nahi dikha rahi thi.

Expect more updates......"


Suresh Vandanapu (B.Sc., MPC) contributes (March 13, '98):
I came to US in '92 the year I completed my B.Sc. and did my MS in computer science from Jackson State University at Jackson in Mississippi, US. I am currently working as Application Developer for Hanover Direct Inc., Hanover, Pennsylvania, US. I can be reached at vandanapu@hotmail.com. or svandana@hanoverdirect.com Or visit my homepage: http://www.expage.com/page/vandanapu
For my (steps mates - English building where we used to sit) batch mates:
Samala Ravi (S Ravi) the scorpio of our group is working as Senior Programmer for Union Bank of India in Mumbai, VenugopalaKrishna (Venu) came to US recently via VJ info systems and is currently in Virginia (not with VJ anymore), Vijaya Lakshmi (Chandu) second of the two sagittarians who joined us in second year is working for Heuristix Ltd in Bangalore, Raja Sekhar (Raaju) was working for Tata Consulting Services (TCS) in New Delhi, he came to US in Fall '97 - working in Mobile, AL. Subba Rao (Subbu) heard that he is in Iran, Sujatha (married) the stable Aries is in Hyderabad working as a Teacher, Nagamani, cutie of the batch, last heard in 94 - married to an IAS, Padma (the flask) did her MCA in Hyd. (heard in Dec. 97 got married - should be somewhere here in US ! !), Jayashree not in touch, Malini last heard was doing her Ph.D in Micro Biology somewhere in Texas, H. Sreenivas Reddy (Seen gaadu) the most humorous person of our batch was last heard in 95... appearing for those Group I exams...... And the rest not heard after the exams. Finally myself Suresh the piscean last of the twelve zodiac signs.
And coming to the 'honorary Nizamians of 89-92 era: Krishnakanth (KK or MOTEY) was with us in first year of B.Sc; left to GPR in Kurnool to do his Engg in Mechanical - he is now in Hyderbad. Even after moving to Kurnool, he was always on the Nizam campus attending the classes with us, and there is another girl Ratnamala (who is now in US) - left in first year to join in MVSR, Hyd. Yogesh (Bhandari) also joined MVSR leaving us. K Ravi left us in 1995. And hello to all my juniors ... Rajesh Lahoti (Lambu), Ranga, Venkatesh (Yankee), Ramesh".


Venugopalakrishna Kotipalli (B.Sc.-MPC) reports:
"I completed my B.Sc in 1992. I joined Andhra Vidyalaya College in Hyderabad for Master degree in 1992. I completed my M.C.A there. During my final year of post graduation I did an advanced course with Pennar Infotech Ltd., Hyd.and later was absorbed into their organization. I worked with them for one month and then changed my job to VJ Infosystems Ltd., Hyd. in October 1995. In July 97, I was deputed to their subsidiary firm in Chicago, Illinois, USA. I am working in Lotus Notes and Domino. Things didn't turn out so well with them so In March 1998 I switched over to Global Consultants Inc. in New
Jersey, USA. thru whom I am presently placed at Merck Pharmaceuticals in Blue Bell, PA. I got married to Srilatha in March 1999 and am entering parenthood in may/june this year.

The guys about whom I am aware of are:
Vandanapu Suresh - did his MS in computer science from Jackson State University and is currently working as an Application Developer for Hanover Direct Inc., Hanover, Pennsylvania, US. He got married on Feb 19th this year to Praveena. Rajasekhar is working in Mobile, AL. Arun the leanest guy in the group, did his PGDCA from Vivekananda college and his MCA from Loyola College in Hyd. Now working with NeoSoftware Systems in Hyderabad. S. Ravi working with Union Bank of India in Mumbai. Sujatha last met at the convocation ceremony, is in Hyderabad working as a teacher and is happily married with two kids. Vijaya Lakshmi who joined us in second year is working for Heuristix Ltd in Bangalore. Padma did her MCA in hyd and is presently married and staying in Michigan state. The guy who has left us for heavenly abode in 1995 is K.Ravi.
The guys about whom I am not sure of:
Suresh.M last heard in 1999 completed his MCA is working in Hyderabad in Java. V.K.Raju last heard in 1996 working as an electronics engineer in Madras with some central govt. firm. Umamaheswara Rao last heard in 1994 was still completing his graduation. Chakrapani, last heard of in 1993, joined M.Sc. Physics in Central University. Ajay was last heard about in 1992,
working in his pearl shop in Abids. Subba Rao (Subbu) was working in Iran but came back recently to India and it seems he has started a software consultancy firm in Chennai. Jayashree (not in touch) is in Bangalore. Nagamani, last heard in 92 - switched to Koti Womens college in the final year. Malini last heard in 1992 was doing her Ph.D in Micro Biology somewhere in Texas.
I would like to get in touch with the trouble makers in the batch, Satyanarayana (Babu), Srinivas reddy, Dhanraj, the guy from Vikarabad (not too many times seen in the college) and Ravi who joined us in the second year. Finally myself Venu, the sincere guy of the batch."
(updated March 2000).


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