Kya Namoone The!

Okay, there're always the colorful guys/gals without whom Nizam College would have been lifeless! Whether they amused you with their antics, flabbergasted you with their inefficiency, pursued you with their zeal for unpopular causes, or simply volunteered themselves for being the butt of college humor, these people were the spice that added variety to our lives at Nizam. These were the people about whom could be said, "What a character", or "Kya Namoona Tha".

Let's see -- from my day, I would probably pick the politically ambitious Nagi Mama, the indefatigable Kaushal Pant, and Mahesh Krishnamurthy (aka Animal). Then there was 'Rajneesh, bugger', with his fake accent and load of tennis rackets; Lokhendar, who could talk you into insanity, and so many others.

Whom would you pick? Please, make sure you are not offensive to the concerned party.

Kumar Savitru Balabhadra (B.Sc., would have graduated in 1984):

"Those of you who had to spend the best three years of your life in those dungeons of Science building, may recall the lab attendant of the Chemistry department. Nicknamed 'brother', this android used to wear one of those 'soda-glasses' and used to 'help' us out of those miserable 'analysis of salts' experiments. Five rupees helped you guess the correct salt (the ethical route would have you sitting in the Chem lab for hours till you tested every possible element in the periodic table) and you had time to catch up with the activity going on elsewhere in the campus. Does anyone know whom I am refering to?. And speaking of personalities, those of us who took up French did have some pretty faces teaching us!!!

Does anyone remember 'Pentrick' (the maverick Surd). His name has quite a history attached to it. Apparently it had to do with his five unsuccessful attempts at passing the 'Sanskrit' exam and there was 'DJ' (Dhanunjay) who managed to go through the physics exam unscathed. I remember the 82-83 elections, there was this avid supporter of one of the candidates (don't know who it was!) who could not restrain his enthusiasm to show how 'good' his candidate really was. He made the following poster:

It is nice to be imp but it was more imp to be nice

I guess paucity of space on the chart precluded our fellow to spell out 'important' and hence contained himself by writing 'imp'. Luckily no one was a Tolkien reader to know about imps and hobbits!"


Salar Jung Hall ** Jhaad Ke Nichhe
Kya Aadmi The ** Kya Namoone The ** Ekkadunnaru Meeru