Principal's Office

While this site is unofficial, the webmaster is happy to report a cooperative relationship with the Nizam College administration. This page is therefore a space for the official point of view to be represented. Messages from the College administration will be made available here.

Nizam College has e-mail now!

To begin with, Nizam College has its own e-mail connection. It is presently being handled by Professor A.S. Rao of the Physics Dept. You can send messages to Prof. Rao and possibly other faculty and administrators at the following address:

Message from the Vice-Chancellor (posted Feb 25, 1998)

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof V. Ramakistayya, inaugurated Nizam College's Internet connection. On this occasion, he sends the following message to alumni:

"Congratulations for Putting Nizam College on Website. I appeal to Alumni of Nizam College who can afford to donate for renovating the infrastructure of Nizam College buildings. Donations can be sent to: The Registrar, Osmania University Nizam College Infrastructure Renovation Account."