Kya Aadmi The!

Most of us were influenced to some degree by someone we interacted with during our days at Nizam.

Maybe it was one of our teachers, an administrator, member of the staff, or another student.

If I were to think of such aadmis (could have been aurats), I would say 'Kya Aadmi The' aboutthe legendary Mr. Bhimsen Rao; also, the blind peon who used to ring the bell (I was always amazed at how he could walk around the campus with such ease), and people like Shantamma and Yusuf bhai (Salarjung Hall caretaker and audio-man respectively). Good people.

So, share with us stories of such people, and let us say "Kya aadmi the!"



Andrew Narasimha Chary recalls his days:

"When I joined PUC at Nizam in 1961, I was a naive 14 year old from Mahboobnagar. I was awed by the Citylights and Cityscapes. At Nizam's college, I had a math "lecturer" named Vijayaraman. He was very inspiring and friendly teacher. I also remember a Telugu teacher named C. Narayan Reddy who later in 70s was a famous Telugu movie song writer.

After nearly forty years, the memories of Nizam College in my mind. Like to chat with any of my class mates of 1961 PUC -MPC !!!"


Vijaya Kumar Pidugu (B.Sc.) recalls:

The person I always had high regard for is Prof. Taqui Khan (Principal, when I joined the college). The teacher I really liked was Dr. Sundarramaiah (reader, organic chemistry) and the one I really hated was Dr. Gaphur, Reader in Zoology. The student I really liked was Akbar, my senior, and the girl I really loved..... (a secret forever, including to herself).


Kuo Pahai (B.Sc., MPC) remembers Yousufbhai:

The guy 'Yusuf' (if I remember right), used to manage all our Physics lab too. He could connect anything better and quicker than anybody - whether it was a WheatStone's circuit, or an optical experiment on interference, he knew how it was done. The profs. just did not match up to his capability. They knew the theory, and he the practicals! A very nice person, always polite, well-dressed and neat.


Uday Reddy remembers quite a few:

"I was in BA (MES) between 82-85 and I am proud about the fact that I was taught by some of the best teachers at that time. Bhimsen Rao - a rare breed indeed. Always punctual and business-like, he never once missed a class during my tenure at Nizam's. When he retired, we wanted to give him a Silk Dhoti (that's what I think it was) and some other stuff, but he didn't accept it. Said he was just doing his job. We used to have this chirpy thing in our class called Subhashini - she contested for LR and lost btw- who always used to interrupt him towards the end of the class with 'Sir, the time is over, Sir'. He watched her for a couple of days and the next time when she said it, replied in his inimitable style " NOT according to my Watch !! ". That shut her up for good. Then there was NN Chari - his nasal voice resembled Bob Dylan's, "ThEeta " !! - whose favorite phrase in the class was 'We are in this profession by choice, not by chance'. Which was true. Who can ever forget whadthe Rami Reddy ? He used to come out and request us to come to his class with 'Uday, Ham, Sunil -- both of you three come to class'!! And then there was Moizuddin - a perfect gentleman if ever there was one. He never used to look up at our faces while taking attendance. The joke at that time was that he could just count the legs and divide by two to arrive at the number of persons in the class !!! We used to borrow books from the library on his card, even after leaving the College."


1992 Suresh Vandanapu (B.Sc., MPC) recalls:

"We all liked our physical chemistry teacher, G. Venkateshwarlu (popularly known as GV). He is such a good teacher that any of my batch never missed his class, and we are well known for bunking classes and sitting on those steps waiting for all the batch mates to come and have our lunch as early as possible. We all remember the first physical chemistry class in 1989.... the lecture about structure of atom ( I guess) "then came Sommerfield into the field" .....

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